Cramlington Club fly in 31/05/2010


A great days flying with BBQ and refreshments, thanks to Alan Gorham for his hard work during the day.

Simon's Jug.

Simon's Glider???? wtf! nice flier though.

Alan's planes did get airborne once the sausage sandwiches were done (c:

Sorting out a Jet ranger, ooh watch that tail (c:

Chris and his "SPAD" Me 109.

Looks a bit rough close up but great in the air, inexpensive but impressive flying.

Can't believe I didn't get shots of his spitfire! gah


Weaze's heli (got it sorted in the end) and his Cougar, what a plane, so good Ben had to get one.

A few other planes, next time more pics and less flying lol.

Pair of Jugs from 4/06/2010.

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