The Heli-Artist AH-64 Apache for a 500 size helicopter.

This will be my winter project to get a very scale look to it.

After a recent trip to Middle Wallop I have lots of photos and info to work from, Cheers Stu !

I may take you up on the extra visit after your promotion, I'll try not to snore as much this time (c;

Well let's see what you get for the money.

First look seems ok, new side frames for the 500 and a smaller main gear and tail drive.

Minimal damage considering the lack of protective packaging.

Heli-Artist still leave a bit to be desired in the final detailing, although most of the panel lines are clear.

A reinforced base mount for the mechanics.

Engines are ok but will have mesh over vents and black foam inserts for a more realistic look.

Weapons are plastic and will need a bit of work before painting.

They clip to the wing mounts once they are together, handy for transporting.

The cannon is going to need some work as it seems to be mounted on its side \c:

I have cunning plans to make the gun traverse with flight controls (c:

The undercarriage is spring loaded thankfully, and it looks easy enough to beef up the springs.

Time to sift through loads of photos and start counting rivets and panels.

Oh and to top it all the tail rotor is on the wrong side! I may change it over but I'll see how the mechanics fit.

Nearly as long as my 600 size Hughes but not much bigger than the Augusta.

Since I won't be using most of a "kit" 500, I'll probably just buy the parts I need and get a four blade head for it.

frame build

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