Well winter is here so time to start the detailing of the Apache.


First off was the cannon, hmmm they had the wire guard on the side for some reason

A few seconds with a razor saw sorted that, drilled and fitted on the underside of the gun.

using the cut off parts to finish the job, the plastic tube entering the top is for the push rod to elevate the gun.

Next up is the forward left and right missile sensors.

A pencil sketch for scale and to determine position.

Right and left hand scale drawings made.

Using balsa to build up the units

The metal drawing pins were just too big but the plastic coated ones where perfect.

A test fit and they look ok more detailing will be added later.

Using aluminium tape to seal off the base and edge.


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A little liquid vaseline on the tape to prevent the epoxy sticking to it.

fill the gap with epoxy resin.

Once it has cured remove the tape, the edges can be sanded smooth, those pins need removing and sinking in to half way.


Next to do is the side missile sensors, hmm balsa is too rough I feel some fibre glass moulds coming up.

Well twelve months on and this is still in the box, maybe this year....

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