After buying an Apache fuselage and it sitting in the box for months decided to build it. Cheers Scouse (ya bast lol)

The plastic fuselage needed to be trimmed and then glued together, not for the faint hearted.



The tail caused no end of problems but eventually got it sorted.


Nearly gave up and decided to fly the box... (c:


A quick test and it seemed to fit nicely.


The tail was nowhere near strong enough to support a scale mounted tail rotor so I guess it will have to do.


Front on view.


looks like plenty of space up front.


Once primed all the gaps in the seams could be seen and filled.



Cut out the front windows as I wanted a clear windscreen without a seem.


Inserted a hardboard sheet to stiffen the base and allow the helicopter frame to be securely mounted.


A couple of plastic tubes filled with drinking straws would be the rocket pods.


My son gave his permission to use his felt tip pens.


Weapon systems are go.


Had to mount the "rockets" in board because of the weight.


Painting continues.


First coat of desert yellow, had to use acrylic paint which shows every finger mark )c:


A few more coats and it is starting to cover well.





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