The Augusta 109


The Align Augusta 109 has been on my list of helis for a while, I eventually got one and found a nice colour scheme.


Step one stick the tail fins on.

Masked up for spraying.


While the blue is drying stick in the "glass" bits.

The metallic blue looks great in daylight.

The plans (LOL) show the gear mounted on the outside!  YUK! got to be inside for me.

Need to paint over the screw heads.

I couldn't be faffed with masking and spraying lines, so line tape was used.

Bung in all the gubbins (c:

Do some vinyl stickers and she looks the part.

Very tail heavy so flies on two 2500mah batteries in parallel and still sits slightly nose up, just like the real thing (c:

Sold to a good home enjoy it Paul, looking forward to the real thing. (c:

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