First step is the head stopper, nice and easy to get you in the mood, don't forget the thread lock.


Some of the grub screws are quite small so magnetize your tools to stop dropping them, also it helps getting them out of the bag.


Again the instructions are very vague so lots of dry runs before you tighten anything up helps.....

you stop building up the blade holder and fly bar and forgetting to put this bit in.


The two collets shown here help you get the flybar centred, notice the gaps on the bar before the flat parts.


The top part of the head complete.


Not one not two but three Jesus bolts!

The completed head. (well I thought it was)....


Next step in the instructions shows the anti rotation bracket fitted...

DO NOT FIT IT!!!   yet


After some thinking and trial and error I decided the brass washers should go on the head end of the bolt,

using the stepped head of the spacer as the inner washer


Again the right tool for the job helps.

And again...


Thread lock or stud lock all metal to metal screw fixings.


Especially if it rotates at high speed!


Vertical tail fin, three holes but only two fixings...go figure.


If you are wondering where the spare brass spacer ring goes.....


Remember this bit?

Leave it alone (unless you have the push rod the exact length and fitted) (c:



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