The Motor

The Motor now has a flat spot fitted as standard.


The pinion has two grub screws to secure it, make sure one is on the flat spot.


There are two brass washers in the bag.... this is where they go ( I think as it's the only place they fit)

Remove these two screws to make it easier to fit the motor, then just drop it into place and re fasten

BEFORE you lock up the bolts to secure the motor.


So far so good. Notice I fitted the anti rotation bracket as I was following the instructions.

I had to remove it five times! so leave it till last.


Fitting the tail boom requires the four hexagonal spacers to be fitted through the tail.


Before fitting the tail it is a lot easier to lock the main body down to the table with a clamp.

Don't forget the nice washers.

a poor pic of the main gear to tail gear mesh.

The tail boom comes pre built so no problems there.


Main body complete.


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