Fitting the servos.

The spektrum servos come with rubber spacers and brass inserts.

The brass inserts will have to be removed from the middle servo to allow the plastic ones to be inserted.


Plastic insert pushed into the rubber spacers.


The two rear servos require an additional spacer otherwise they can't be fitted.

These were made from this.


cut down they fit perfect and even have the holes pre drilled. (c:


When it came to setting up the swashplate I came across another problem.

I used the servo arms shown below on the right, WRONG! there must be a difference in hole distance as I could not get equal travel.

I had to use this arm for the elevator (middle) servo as all was well at 50% throttle on a linear pitch curve.

But if I used the above left arm I was low at 100% and high at 0%.


The same problem was encountered with the other servos, so I used these cross type for the other two servos.

Using the new Bulldog clip and steel arm I could now get the swash plate level at 0 50 & 100%

Servos done & swash plate 100% level !


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