Checking the mechanical stuff.

With the servos powered up and a linear pitch curve (throttle hold etc) set the throttle at 50%.

Check that all servo arms are at 90degrees and set the push rods at 90 degrees.

Get them as close as you can mechanically then do the fine tuning using the sub trims.

Check the lengths of all the push rods but not as the measurements in the instructions I think they are well off.

I had all push rods exactly the same lengths (for each relative pair etc) and found that when I span the head with  full elevator etc applied I got some binding in the swash plate.

After re-measuring all the rods etc I still had a 1-2 mm "bounce" on the swash plate twice in every revolution.

I finally traced the problem to the swash plate rod connectors.

Notice that one pair are longer than the other. The long push rods connect to the longer pair.

The washout arms connect to the short pair.


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