Helicommand and electronics.

Mounting the bracket at the rear of the main frame allows the max 100mm fixing height to be achieved.

I removed this pad and fitted two strips to allow better dissipation of vibration.


The unit in place.


Route all servo cables to the connector unit and receiver.


Nice and tidy but nowhere for any tie wraps....


So a movable bracket was made to secure both units but allow easy removal of the Helicommand unit


 The Align 6A BEC  was mounted on it's own bracket

The Align 75A ESC and 7.4 battery for the BEC and receiver.

Soldering the bullet connectors for the motor.

Allow extra for the insulating heat shrink.


So there we are the E-Smart 600 Carbon.


Not to be flown indoors (c:


The Helicommand is to be used on all the helicopters as it's quick to fit and the DX7 transmitter has plenty of model slots to use.

The honey bee king 2, unit on, unit off.

Test fit on the Falcon (bracket required).

My bigger scale lazy susan to set up the E Smart. (c:

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