Plan built Super Trooper.

Plan by Peter Miller

My first attempt at a full plan built biplane, it was designed as a control line model so I am converting it to normal flight.

Baking paper is great for tracing the parts, use a 2HB pencil to trace the outline then reverse the paper and retrace over the wood, the pencil is transferred to the wood like using carbon paper (c:

Next using the baking paper to save the plan mark out the wing and test fit the ribs.

These bits had me baffled for a bit but they allow the wing to be built flat, then cut them off when it is all glued.

I made a light ply template to cut out the ribs.

Pop them all on the spar and sand to shape, mark the positions on the spar to keep the ribs square.

Once the ribs are in position the trailing and leading edge can be attached before gluing the ribs to the spar.


Repeat for both wings.


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