As a ready to fly plane it wasn't really that ready, the prop was so out of balance it nearly shook the plane to bits, the blade weights ranged from 220.3g to 228.7g! so using the lightest blade as a guide I shaved off weight until all the blades weighed the same.

Once I had the blades the same weight I used the prop balancer to balance the spinner and blades with aluminium tape.

Looking very nice.

The servo horn covers were a nice addition and came with 2 spares, good double sided tape fixed them perfectly.

I needed a pilot, and since Robert's "Stigs" were either too big or too small Pilot Pete got the job.

Ahh much better! clear selotaped the leading edges of the tail sections and aluminium taped the main wing leading edges to limit hangar rash.

I fitted the drop tanks with 6 neodymium magnets per tank so they are easily (lol not that easy) removed.

It's amazing how I can find more space for the next plane in the collection (c: Mind you the ME 109 was sold but went to a good home (c:

Sweet (c:

Had the perfect weather conditions to test fly it tonight but the drink took precedence (c:

Will get flight video as soon as I can.

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