The Starmax P51 D "Big Beautiful Doll"

This is my favourite P51 I have built a few plastic model kits of it over the years and after hearing about it being involved in a midair collision with a Sky Raider at Duxford last month I had to have an RC version of it.

The starmax version is a 1600mm wingspan EPO foam kit and very nice it is too.

* Prop:16*6 4 blades 
* Wingspan: 1600mm 
* Length: 1400mm 
* Flying weight: 2700g 
* Motor: 4558 out runner motor KV400 
* ESC:70A 
* Servo:4pcs*9G,, 2pcs*17G 
* With flaps and retracts 
* Main wing with LED

Ordered on Wednesday delivered on Friday (c:

I love this bit.

The motor is a 400Kv lump of pure drool!

The kit assembles very nice, the instructions are laughable, ok if you know how an RC plane goes together.

The tail is in two parts and removable for transport and storage.

I think I'll leave it attached.

Had to move outside as the table was getting too small.


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