The Ripmax Bf-109E.

A nice big box full of goodies.

Very nice quality parts well finished, good old Ripmax (c:

Aileron servos mounted in the wings with a draw string for the wires pre fitted (phew).

The tail is critical and did take a while to get right

but after a bit of fiddling it was fine.

Plenty of room for the servos and receiver etc.

Looking good so far, the spinner may cause problems \c:

Need to get the prop and electrics on the watt meter to see what battery to use 55A ESC and a Typhoon motor

probably go for a 3000mAh or higher battery.

Dogfights R us.

Spinner and prop done.

270W 25A on an 11v 3cell battery with a 10x6 prop.

New battery arrived and was power tested....

3000mAh 35C four cell, 580.6W at 34.5A loads of power and under the 55A esc limit (c:

200W more than the Spitfire and that flies very nice.

Tested the battery on the Spitfire, 806W at 56A! way too much power and too close to the esc 60A limit.

Test flight coming soon.

Added a gun sound to the plane, sounds great, can't wait for the Spitfire & Me109 dogfights.



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