Maiden flight results in crash!

Not a lot of damage since I reinforced the motor mount etc

Pushed the entire mount into the fuselage with minimal damage

The spinner disintegrated and wing mount ripped out.

slight damage to secondary fire wall and pushed back third.

Servo mounting tray dislodged, front firewall gone.

Thanks to the motor mount reinforcement prior to flight saved a lot of work, the Spitfire taught me to get this bit a lot stronger.

A bit of damage to the cowl, no biggy CA and activator will fix that a touch up with paint if I can be bothered.

Front firewall was wrecked but I got all the bits to make a template for a new one.

I decided to beef the front firewall up by using two bits of light ply.

by crossing the grain of each plate I could make it a lot stronger.

Grinding out the plate is easier and safer than a stanley knife.

The clamping both parts together they are exactly the same dimensions.


Since I would have to slide each part over the motor mount they would have to be split.


Offsetting the split makes the joint and firewall a lot stronger

Test fit of parts.

Inner parts fitted.

Outer part fitted and battery hole enlarged and foam padding put in to protect battery.

3000mah 4 cell battery for whooosh! and re glued motor mount (just in case).

Nearly ready, wing repair to do.

Found the cause of the crash, the ESC smoked on take off so no whoosh! grrr, new 60A one ready to fit.

The wing repair

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