The Depron park jet and profile shock flier.

Cheers Scouse can't wait to get the big wings (c:

Pilots ready! let combat commence!

It may be ready for our next indoor fly meet, fingers crossed  (c:

Shock flier first.

Using the dremel with the router attachment to cut the slots deep enough for the carbon fibre rods.

Set out the two wings glued together, and for the fuselage.


It gives a very neat cut just to the right depth.

Next the tail section is taped in place, it is is two parts which will be glued together later.

The horizontal stabilizer was in two parts but decided to make a single piece for added strength.

Using the two halves as a template.

Cut the 45 degree angle in tail and ailerons.

Will it be ready in time?

Fitting tail and elevators.

Test fit the wing.

Maiden flight was sort of successful, it flew but very twitchy.

The plane suffered a massive attack of "plank" falling on it so was scrapped.

Next up the F117 I'll do a build guide on the next one.

Maiden flight went well but lacked power, this new motor should do the trick.

400W max throttle limited to 55% to give about 250W

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