The new Extra 330SC minimum from Kyosho.


Picked this up at the indoor fly in (since the others are not complete yet).

Everything you need is in the box.

The electronics are tiny.

Motor, receiver/esc.

Before I started the build I decided to trace the parts and make light ply templates for future spares or builds.

This allows me to produce this on 3mm depron or scale it up for a bigger version..

The instructions are easy to follow and the build quite simple.

Glue lower fuselage, keep it square and straight.

plug in the servos and check correct position.

Glue top part of fuselage and keep that vertical and straight.


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Once the fuselage is set mount the control horns.

Push rods are fibreglass with metal ends held via heat shrink.

Lastly the wheels and wing braces, leave over night for the glue to set properly and it's all ready for the maiden.

Transport box so at least it will survive the trip to the fly in. (c:


I'm waiting for news from BRC about their batteries, you charge the battery in the back of the transmitter and can charge one while flying so I'll pick up a few next meet.