The Kyosho Spree Sport

My workhorse plane for learning on, Cheers to Ben for it (c:

Not a bad trade I must say.

A very robust plane and it needs to be with my flying (c;

A few crashes later and lot of hammering of shafts etc, a new nose and motor was needed.

Plan A.

This plan was scrapped as I needed the bigger motor for the "hog".

Plan B

I needed a new cowl, so a milk bottle was adapted (c:

These bottles take a lot of heat to melt.

Getting there.

A trip to the paint shop next.


Looks ok and gets me back in the air....


This plane is mint, lost the tail in flat spin landing, wings ripped off, forgot how often it has been fixed but it still flies!

now on a 300W motor 8x4 folding prop, recovered the front of the fuselage and she still flies great.

Takes off in about eight foot and flies well in wind (good job with the weather lately).

My favourite plane to fly in any weather.


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