The Mini Hog.

A conversion to electric after crash damage.

This was the original mini hog built by Jim Carss.

But after a crash Jim thought I could do an electric conversion.....

The wing was damaged at the rear section and ailerons needed repairing, no pics of that.

Battery mounting tray.

New wing supports of hardwood built into the new nose section.

New front with vent for ESC.

wing mounts.

Repaired wing section re covered in silver.

Plan A motor

Plan A cockpit covers.

I needed a cowl so decided to build from scratch.

Bending two pieces of light ply to form a nice strong cowl.

Test fit looks good.

Trim off the excess and build a scoop to help keep the ESC cool.

Looks nice with the solarfilm covering on.

Plan B motor.

Complete and ready to fly.

Though it needed a name so it's a mini hog right.....



Cheers to Jim for the plane and to Ben for the bits and bobs (and the laughs).


Test flights show a lack of power hmmm 4 cell batteries on order (c:

Final flight.....

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