The Sky Streak


Built by Jim Carss from bits in his scrap box, should be a fast one when I've done the electronics.

This is an 8x6 prop but found a 10x5.5 one that will work much better.

With the 10x5.5 prop fitted ready to go.

Some minor adjustments needed to seal up the top cover better.


Test flight was impressive needs a little nose weight and a decent spinner, another testimony to Jim's build skills.

Speaking of Jim's skills we now have a display team of streaks.....oh this is going to be fun.

Needs a little work for a bigger battery, so moving the motor forward, flies very nice.

Rebuilt the nose section allowing a bigger battery and moving the COG forward.

After flight testing Jim's Streak we found we need the COG forward for more stable loops.

Looking good (c:

Full up flight weight 1.3lb, powered by a 11.1v 2200 mah battery produces 204W @ 19A.

Enough but not great, may look at a faster motor and smaller prop, the mk IV had a power output of over 400W!

End flying result folding 8x5 prop and 250W motor, mint!

ouch lol

Repair time.

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