The Ripmax Spitfire rebuild.

Part one.

This was Ben's Spitfire that suffered a near fatal crash and was destined to the bin, so I decided it would fly again......

.......eventually  (c:


The wing had minor damage so is ok.

The nose was wiped out in the crash so would need rebuilding from scratch.


Main fuselage is ok just some minor damage.



The damaged front would need cutting out and replacing.

Internal bracing of cracked fuselage.

Servo and receiver plates mounted.

The battery cover would need to be built.

Basic frame in balsa


Test fit.

1.5mm balsa sheet covering.



Once both sides were done and sanded a hole was cut for the retaining magnet.

Magnet glued into place

Test fit prior to cutting to correct length.

Front firewall wing support glued into place.


Ply motor plate mount and inner firewalls test fit.


Covering would need re ironing in a few places.

Test fit all front walls and braces prior to cutting out air vents.

Vents cut and lined up.


1mm balsa sheet to cover the front.



Made a motor mount.

Part two

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