The Ripmax Spitfire rebuild.

Part two.


After covering the front I had to remove it to re-sand the front to take the fibreglass cowling.

Once I had the measurements of the cowl I could build the motor mount.


Starting with the main support then fitting an air scoop to cool the ESC.



ESC in place

Once this was in done I could make a motor mount and air scoop for motor cooling.

the scoop directs the air up into the motor area, through the firewall and over the battery.

Check the cowl fits.

Looks good.


Lets put it together.

Notice the six degrees of down force (tilt on motor).

Didn't like the green or silver bits on the cowl.

Air brush time.

Much better.

Dirty her up a bit.

Stick the wings on and she's nearly ready to go.


Flight pictures.

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