Battery Chargers

A good battery charger is essential to prolong the life of your batteries, getting them balanced and powered for use or storing for extended periods.

This was my first charger for up to five cell batteries, I use it to charge my two cell batteries as it can balance charge two at a time.

This charger does not balance lipos so is used primarily for NiCd and NiMh batteries.

The Cell pro 4S is a great charger for bringing over discharged batteries back to life, it is one of the few chargers that will recharge a lipo if the cell voltage is less than 3.1v, it has rescued batteries with cell voltages as low as 1v per cell. It's my battery resuscitator (c:

The Mystery six cell charger is a copy of the Imax B6 and has been my workhorse for a few years now, you can pick these up off eBay for as little as 30 delivered.

So good I have two (c:

I made up some extended cables for charging, and with the dual adaptor very easily charge two x three cell batteries at once.

They need cooling if charging at 5A so a handy pc cooling fan is used.

To power the chargers I use a regulated dual output 10A 12v power supply.

I recently bought this JP  pro charger, basically four six cell chargers in one.

It will charge four different types of battery simultaneously.

A bit bigger than the Mystery chargers but it has its own cooling system.

It needs a 12v 20A power supply so I made one from an old PC PSU. at 30A I can power this charger as well as the two mystery ones.

By using these adaptors I can charge a total of thirteen batteries at once.

Next a great tool to have in your box is a battery checker, this shows the cell voltages as well as the available flight power left in the battery.

An in car 12v supply adaptor or if I'm at the field all day a 12v to 240v inverter.

Some battery trays to allow charging of AA batteries, either four or eight at a time.

All in a nice tidy case.

Time to power up and go flying. (c:

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