As you get into any hobby you start collecting a few handy tools.


Servo testers are very handy for testing and programming servos.

A Watt meter is invaluable for setting up the correct prop to motor, and testing power used by the RX etc.

A decent battery checker is vital, provides cell voltage and remaining flight time of battery.

Mainly used for helicopters a digital pitch gauge gives precise readings and a digital tachometer for checking head speed.

Soldering irons, rotary cutting and grinding tools.

Heat gun, covering iron, digital scales and digital callipers.


New tools.

A motor kv and rpm meter and a new smaller watt meter.

Servo tester checks servo angle, speed and a destructive life limit test!

And a well stocked tool box.

With moving on to IC engines etc I made a rig to set them up.

Adjustable front end for different sized engines and clamped to the table works great.

Handy for running in the SC46 for the Spitfire.

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